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Eldorado Brougham Crest

The luxurious Eldorado Brougham model was manufactured by the Cadillac Division of General Motors Corporation from 1957 through 1960. This magnificent hand-built automobile was the result of many years of engineering and styling development led by dream car designer Harley Earl. The Eldorado Brougham was the most advanced and opulently equiped automobile ever built and one of the most expensive American cars ever. Only 904 Eldorado Broughams were produced from 1957 through 1960 preceded by a number of one-of-a-kind experimental models (a.k.a., "dream cars") such as the Cadillac Orleans (1953), the Cadillac Park Avenue (1954), the first Cadillac Eldorado Brougham prototype (1955), the second Cadillac Eldorado Brougham prototype(1955-56), and the Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Town Car (1956).

Over the years, several collectors and enthusiasts have devoted considerable time and energy to the gathering and sharing of information and experiences pertaining to the great Eldorado Broughams. Cy Strickler III, past president of the Brougham Owner Association (BOA), compiled a wealth of information about these cars. For several decades BOA newsletters were the primary means of information sharing among Eldorado Brougham collectors and enthusiasts. With the advent of the Internet, Allan Dowling, a long-standing member and co-founder of the BOA, gave a new impetus to the BOA via the creation of a Web 1.0 site that was dedicated entirely to the Eldorado Broughams. More recent efforts include the excellent informative Web 1.0 sites produced by Yann Saunders and Vic. Brincat. Yann Saunders' exceptional Cadillac Database© has a separate section devoted to Eldorado Broughams' related documentation and Vic Brincat's Eldorado Brougham site provides a wealth of restoration tips. Quality reproductions of elusive Eldorado Brougham parts are available via a few select Web 1.0 sites including Michael P. Rizutto's Mastermind, Inc., Classic Auto Parts, and FEN Enterprises. While the Cadillac LaSalle Club Web 1.0 site is devoted to all Cadillac models, specific information related to Eldorado Brougham models is often discussed in its message forum. Similarly Rik Gruwez' Cadillac Mailing List often covers topics related to Eldorado Broughams.

The Eldorado Brougham Community (EBC) Web site is completely devoted to Eldorado Broughams and built on a Web 2.0 platform. As such it is a participatory Web site that leverages Web 2.0 collaborative models to enable a Web community meant to benefit Eldorado Brougham collectors and enthusiasts in many ways. In order to build and enrich information through community participation, registered EBC users may help co-develop the site and contribute content, hence providing the community with a unique way to harness collective knowledge about the cars as well as collective creative abilities. Information enrichment on the EBC Web site is a collective responsibility and is mindful of the fact that change is inevitable and that information must get richer as people use it. Web 2.0 is driven by a shift in thinking from individual contribution to collaborative participation. Web 2.0 is the ongoing fever that has transformed traditional Web 1.0 capabilities such as that provided by Britannica Online, personal Web sites, publishing, content management systems, directories (taxonomy), and mp3.com into their respective Web 2.0 collaborative equivalents namely Wikipedia, blogging, participation, wikis, tagging (folksonomy), and napster.

A central component of the EBC Web site is the EBC Wiki. Wiki is an Hawaiian word meaning 'quick'. The EBC Wiki is essentially a database similar to Wikipedia that allows users to create, edit, browse, and search information related to Eldorado Broughams using the Web browser of their choice. The ease of interaction and operation provided by a Wiki makes it an effective tool for mass collaborative authoring around the various topics of interest to Eldorado Brougham collectors and enthusiasts. Rather than replicating Eldorado Brougham information provided by existing Web 1.0 sites already devoted to some of these topics, the EBC Web site leverages and combines existing Web 1.0 page content via Web 2.0 mashup capabilities and/or traditional linking and/or embedding techniques. Moreover, the EBC Web site leverages Web 2.0 capabilities such as Rich Internet Applications (a.k.a., RIA), productivity tools, and online storage features and facilitates the use of Web 2.0 features such as blogs, chatrooms, forums, social searching, social networking, 2D/3D photo sharing, video sharing, podcasting, tagging (a.k.a., social bookmarking), syndication, ranking, News access, Web Messaging, and personalized homepages and portals. It is EBC's belief that the myriad of capabilities provided by Web 2.0 will bring together collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world to address the ever growing collective needs of a community focused on the preservation of the very unique Cadillac Eldorado Broughams.

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